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Be A Sparkly Senior With Style And Accessorize With Gems - GemSelect

How To Accessorize with Gems so You’re a Sparkly Senior with Style - GemSelect

Just because you’re getting older, it doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing trendy jewelry. And you certainly shouldn’t wear jewelry to try to look younger. Rather, jewelry should complement your style as a 60-plus woman. You should wear it with pride and feel good about what it tells the world about you. When choosing gems with which to accessorize your outfit as a 60-plus woman, it’s good to stay updated on the latest jewelry trends that highlight the most popular gems, but also make them your own – remember, not every gemstone trend is going to work with your uniqueness. Here are some trends and tips to keep you looking sophisticated. 

Go Supersized
Large groups of gems are trendy, so don’t be afraid of gemstones clustered together on a ring or statement necklace. This is a great way to be bold and stones of different colors are sure to add some brightness to your outfit. The key is to stick to one jewelry item, such as a necklace or bracelet, if you like large gemstone styles, so that you don’t create a cluttered effect. A benefit of wearing oversized jewelry when you’re over 60 is that it can draw attention away from areas of your body you don’t like. For instance, if you don’t like your midsection, a large statement necklace will pull attention upwards. 

Create Some Contrast
If you choose a gemstone and dress of the same color, you risk a boring look. It’s more stylish to create a bit of contrast. For instance, if you’re wearing a purple dress, choose a yellow pendant gemstone necklace. This makes you look more striking.

It can help to use the color wheel when trying to find out which colors to match. Complementary colors are those that are opposite each other on the wheel. For instance, blue goes with orange and yellow is a good match for blue-violet. 

Blend Different Eras 
You can also contrast modern with vintage looks. For instance, if you love wearing vintage clothing, such as a gray vintage checked coat, a modern onyx diamond ring can update the look. This modern gem refreshes your appearance without making any major changes to what you wear, so you can still feel comfortable. A great way to learn how to mix different stones and styles is to take a jewelry making course. That could be really fun to do with friends! If that’s not really your thing, dare to experiment with different looks and ask for help from your friends when picking out clothing and jewelry before a party.

Choose Jewel Tones 
Dressing when you’re over 60 should be about emphasizing your femininity, such as with the use of soft cashmere, silk, faux fur and satin. Just because you’re not 30 anymore, it doesn’t mean you can’t be sensual! A bit of luxury with rich colors such as hunter green and burgundy work beautifully to make your overall appearance more sophisticated and sensual. Jewelry is an important accessory here. You can make the most of the rich-colored gemstones that are trendy now, so don’t be afraid to choose dark colors, such as black, gray and brown. Jewel tones, both in fashion and gemstones, are great when you’re over 60 because they illuminate skin tone, making you glow – and they work with every skin tone!

Gemstones are your best friend. They can take a plain outfit and make it fabulous. The key is to know how to make jewels work so that they flatter your style and make you glow. By following the above gemstone and fashion tips, you’ll be classy, sophisticated and flaunt your unique style.

Huge Grandidierite Gemstones at GemSelect - Top 10 Rarest Gemstones!


Grandidierite is a very rare collector's gemstone often referred to as one of the top 10 rarest gemstones in the world! It was named in honor of the French naturalist and an explorer of Madagascar, Alfred Grandidier. Grandidierite was first discovered in Madagascar in 1902 and then later in small quantities in other parts  of the world. Grandidierite gemstones are highly sought after after by collectors. It is rarely found in gem-quality, and faceted gemstones command extremely high prices. In fact, even abochons can fetch hundreds of dollars per carat, and for those with excellent color and clarity, it is not unheard of for cabochons to command thousands per carat.

Grandidierite gems are typically greenish-blue, blue-green or blue, with the most highly saturated neon color being the most valuable. Being a trichroic gem, grandidierite can display yellow, colorless, greenish-blue and blue under polarized light, depending on the viewing angle. The blue color is due to traces of iron, so specimens with more iron content have a higher saturation of blue.

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Gemstone Iridescence and Shininess - Where Does it Come From?

Where Does The Magic of Iridescence Come From?

Some gemstones are known to exhibit an interesting optical phenomena known as "iridescence"; a wonderful effect that can result in a rainbow of colors caused by light diffraction and light interference. 

To learn more about iridescence, watch the wonder video below: 

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If you are interested in gemstones with iridesence, we have thousands of gems to choose from at GemSelect -- click here to view details!

GemSelect Review by Vivalatina Jewelry - TRANCHANT NICOLAS

GemSelect Customer Review and Beautiful Jewelry Designs by TRANCHANT NICOLAS

As a professional jeweler running my own online jewelry at, I am always looking for beautiful stones with strong colours for the jewels I propose to my clients.

I have been a client of GemSelect for years now and appreciate the quality of the stones they propose and the consideration they gave to me when I needed advice or asked for additional information.

I started working with GemSelect in September of 2013 (4 years now), so I have been able to make quite a lot of jewelry with GemSelect's stones as you can check below:

Men's Silver Bracelet with Natural Stabilized Turquoise - Sourced from GemSelect

Silver Pendant Presented with 8 Different Varieties of Gemstones - Sourced from GemSelect

Silver/Gold Ring with 9 mm Round Amethyst in Prong Setting - Sourced from GemSelect

Gold Engagement Ring with Topaz and Amethyst - Sourced from GemSelect

White Gold Ring set with two Round Blue Sapphires - Sourced from GemSelect

Silver Ring with a Turquoise Cabochon - Sourced from GemSelect

Heart Shape Red Garnets Mounted in Circular Pendants - Sourced from GemSelect

With four years working with Gemselect, I am 100% satisfied with their quality of stones and service provided. I can strongly recommend other jewelers to try working with them.

Moreover, I once had trouble with a stone that got lost in customs here in mexico, so they sent me another identical stone with no questions asked. You can't beat this kind of support.

The main assets of GemSelect for me are:
  • They offer a large range of different stones
  • For each type of gem, I can choose through a great amount of stones
  • The shipping is fast or cheap, so I can adapt the shipping cost depending on my needs
  • The support service is fast to answer when their help is required
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Turquoise Meanings, History and Lore - GemSelect

Turquoise: Popular Blue Green Gemstones

Turquoise is a popular colored stone often worn in gemstone cabochon rings. It has long been known by people from all over the world, from the Americas to China, from Persia to Southeast Asia. Many of the Arab countries are renowned for fine turquoise, especially the Persian region. Turquoise is also widely produced from mining areas of the Nishapur region. In Indonesia, turquoise stone is often worn by scholars. This is because the stones have origins that relate to the first state of where Islam emerged.

In addition to the Persian region, turquoise is also mined from Israel, Afghanistan, Sinai and the United States, including Nevada, California, New Mexico and Arizona. The name “Turquoise” is derived from the Hebrew word “Fairuz” and is a copper-bearing stone composed of campuran aluminum, phosphate, iron and sometimes gold. It is not the typical gemstone valued for brilliance or fire, and it lacks the shiny luster of transparent gems. However, it is the unique turquoise sky blue color that makes this stone so attractive. Turquoise exhibits a beautiful sky blue color and often forms with black spider-like webs and veins.

Turquoise can vary in color from green to blue and while some may be uni-color, others may be multicolor with unique and interesting patterns. Turquoise symbolism and lore typically involves predicting and protection against danger. Some believe turquoise can warn their owners of danger by breaking. Like malachite, turquoise can supposedly protect its wearer from falls. Changes in color of a stone presumably warn owners of an impending illness that can be prevented.

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