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Coral Colored Gems for Jewelry

 Coral Gemstone Ring

What exactly is coral color? Is there a difference between salmon and coral? The origin of coral color is in the eponymous soft-bodied organisms, which vary, with some being light, some dark, and then cool and warm versions. More generally, coral is pinkish or pinkish-orange to red. Some coral colors are brighter versions of peach. Like peach, either pink or orange can dominate. Therefore, there exist sub-colors, such as "coral pink", "coral red", light coral" and "dark coral". Coral has been used in jewelry for centuries. Coral necklaces were worn in medieval times to ward off illness. The ancients believed that coral gemstones had protective properties. But what meaning does coral color convey? Well, this depends on how pink or red the coral is. Pink coral colors exude beauty, protection and femininity where reds symbolize energy, love and courage. Coral color that is closer to peach suggests pleasure and fulfillment.
 Coral Gemstone Pendant
Coral gems can be worn with silver or yellow gold, and go well with teal, turquoise, aqua, navy blue and pale gray accent stones. Depending on the exact coral color, the complementary color will change. For example, teal is the complementary color for coral pink where blue is better with more peach coral. As the coral nears reddish, complementary colors get nearer to green. Traditional Tibetan and Native American jewelry often placed coral and turquoise gemstones together in silver with stunning effect.

Gemstones that are available in coral colors are not limited to coral and also include other gem types, such as vivid Songea sapphire and agate, and more subtle moonstone, zircon, tourmaline and garnet.

Marvelous Morganite

 Marvelous Morganite

Peach and pink gems are seriously in-trend at the moment, perhaps because they look so good in rose gold, which is being seen everywhere. The most popular pale pink or peach gem is morganite. Let's take a little look at this colored gemstone that has been seen in engagement rings, earrings and pendants everywhere lately.

Morganite is a pink variety of beryl; the same gem family of emerald and aquamarine. In fact, it is one of the rarest members of the beryl family. It has been called "pink emerald" in the past before it was named after the American banker and gem collector, J.P. Morgan. 

Morganite Gemstones

 As you can see from the above image, morganite gemstones may be various hues, from pink to peach. Morganite gems come in both cool violet pinks and warm peaches. This makes morganite quite versatile for jewelry use, since it looks equally good in white, yellow or pink precious metals. Another great thing about morganite it that unlike emerald, which is a heavily included stone, morganite tends to be quite clean.

Like some other pink gemstones, morganite is thought to encourage calm, harmony, healing and self-empowerment. No wonder so many brides-to-be are choosing morganite for their rings! One word of advice though, if you do choose morganite, be aware that it is sensitive to pressure and chemicals, so be sure to place your morganite ring in a safe place before cleaning.

Say Hello to SETT Company -, the newest member of the ICA


SETT Company Limited of Chanthaburi, Thailand; is pleased to announce our latest inclusion and membership with the International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA). We are very proud to have been approved by the ICA, making us one of their luckiest and newest Thailand gemstone vendor members.

For those of you who are not familiar with the ICA, they are the only worldwide non-profit international organization devoted to promoting the advancement and global appreciation of colored gemstones, acting as the voice of the industry. In order to become a member of the ICA, those in the trade must adhere to the highest standards when it comes to the ethical trading, mining and production of colored gemstones and gemstone jewelry.

The ICA was founded in 1984 and includes members from 47 diversified countries, and includes the world's finest gemstone cutters, miners, suppliers and retailers. As of today, the ICA has less than 750 members throughout the world. You can see a list of ICA members here (we will be listed on this after they provide their annual updated list). It truly is an honor being chosen to represent the ICA, especially considering the thousands of other gemstone suppliers that we have to go up against.

In addition, we are just as equally pleased to announce our membership to the Thai Gem and Jewelry Traders Association as well! The TGJTA is a gem and jewelry organization endorsed by the government and Ministry of Commerce. The Thai Gems and Jewelry organization will only approve those members who have proven to trade and operate under the highest of standards, promoting fair and ethical trade when it comes to gemstone and jewelry suppliers from Thailand. When buying gemstones online from a foreign company, nothing can be more reassuring than knowing the company you buy from is both reputable and reliable.

We thank all of our friends and gemstone fans around the world for helping us become the leading colored stone supplier on the Internet for over a decade!

If you haven't joined us already on Facebook, you can join our fan page at  and to read what customers say about us, have a look through our verified GemSelect Customer Reviews and our GemSelect Better Business Bureau accreditation page with A+ ratings!

Reduce Reuse and Recycle Gemstone Jewelry for Earth Day

In modern times, we should be conscious of consumerism and try to reduce, reuse and recycle. While some materials, such as paper and timber are often sourced with this in mind, we do not always think of the three Rs when it comes to jewelry. One way to ensure that jewelry does not add to already overfilled garbage dumps is to invest in natural gemstones and high-quality metals. Like a good wardrobe with well-chosen clothing, a simple jewelry collection can last a lifetime and beyond if it is comprised of well-made, timeless pieces.
While precious metals such as gold, platinum and silver are still being mined, a great deal of the precious metal in circulation comes from recycled materials. It is said that around one third of all the gold in circulation comes from recycled gold. Some of this is used for industrial purposes, but most goes into jewelry.
Emerald and Sapphire Three-Stone Gold Ring

Fine gemstones are always being reused and recycled. Hard to find colored gemstones such as large blue sapphires and rubies are often seen in jewelry auctions and since being mined, some have changed owners many times. Families with jewelry collections will pass pieces down to the next generation; some of these items will be worn in the same way and others will be recut or reset into more modern designs. One famous example is Princess Diana's seven-strand pearl choker which features a large sapphire at the center. The sapphire previously belonged to the Queen of England and was mounted in a brooch. Recycled jewels were also once worn by Wallis Simpson in a Harry Winston emerald cabochon necklace. The emeralds had previously belonged to Sita Devi of Baroda and were worn in anklets. Upon seeing the necklace, Ms Devi remarked that the emeralds had looked good on her feet. The necklace was promptly returned.
Blue Sapphire Ring with Diamond Halo

Many ladies wear gems and jewelry that have been passed down from mothers and grandmothers. How many of us wear a family heirloom engagement ring? These items not only help to save precious resources, but also have a special sentimental value.

Buying Gems Online with GemSelect

Holiday Shopping Tips - Buying Gems Online

With shopping season in full swing, we would like to offer some tips for buying gems and jewelry online. Doing your shopping via the Internet is a great way to avoid crowded shopping malls and save time. If you are planning to treat yourself or a loved one to a gemstone or piece of jewelry, these hints may help to make your experience a good one.

First, when buying online, be sure to use a payment method that offers buyer protection such as PayPal (this can be done without a PayPal account) or a credit card. Try to avoid giving bank details over the phone or by email. When entering personal information, check for security by looking for the padlock sign. Often there will also be a green browser (see image, below). If you are unsure about the supplier, check out some genuine customer reviews.

Check the delivery times and always assume that the shipment will take the full time given. If the time-frame given is 3-5 days, it is best to expect it in 5 days. For this time of year, express shipping is recommended. If you do not receive shipping confirmation, contact the seller to make sure the item has shipped.

Check the company return policy and allow enough time to return the gemstone or jewelry item if you or the recipient is not satisfied with it. Reliable online suppliers always have a solid return policy.
If you are sending a gift directly to the recipient, contact the seller to request that the invoice be removed from inside the package. Exported shipments must always provide proper paperwork, but the invoice inside the package can be removed if required. The gemstone can also be presented in a box if desired (see image, below).

If you are planning to make jewelry, the gemstone can be presented as a gift and then the jewelry design can be planned. Involving the recipient in the design process can be fun and ensures that they will be happy with the final piece. They will be able to add their own personal touches too. After the New Year, jewelers often offer discounts and good deals, so this can also be easier on the budget.

When shopping for precious metals or jewelry, always check prices on different days to allow for the fluctuation in prices. The price of gold, platinum and other precious metals depend on the current market price.

If you are shopping on a budget, shop by price and use the compare function to find the best deals. On the other hand, if you are shopping for something more special, look for top grade gems or exclusive deals.
Lastly, we would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our loyal customers for staying with us. Next year we will be making some big changes to our website and hope that you will join us in our exciting gem and jewelry adventures. Finally, we wish all of you a very happy holiday season.