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Jewelry Styles That Senior Fashion Influencers Love

Jewelry Styles That Senior Fashion Influencers Love

Style knows no age, and when it comes to clothing and accessories, the right ones can amp up your look, no matter if you’re 20 or 75. In recent years, the fashion world has taken notice of savvy seniors who are making bold statements with their sartorial picks, and some notable older women have even been asked to star in the latest fashion campaigns. Earlier this year, 63-year-old New York university professor Lyn Slater, known as "Accidental Icon" on Instagram, has been tapped as the face of Mango’s marketing campaign “A Story of Uniqueness”. Meanwhile, 60-year-old Gillean McLeod has been asked to model swimwear for H&M.

Older women are now getting tons of attention for the way that they style themselves as they show the world their individuality and creativity through their dress sense. Some of the most famous senior fashion influencers are also getting noticed for their jewelry, as these women have chosen to show off their collections in a unique way. These are the types of jewelry that senior fashion influencers can’t get enough of.

Chunky Turquoise Necklaces
Iris Apfel, the 95-year-old fashion icon who is well-known for her trademark oversized glasses and maximalist jewelry, has often been spotted wearing several layers of turquoise necklaces. Some of the stones are no bigger than a marble, while some are about as large as a chicken egg. Apfel recently told the UK's "The Telegraph" that her accessories help her create a variety of looks. Turquoise is a timeless gemstone that never seems to go out of fashion. Not only does turquoise make for fabulous necklaces, but it's also especially eye-catching in rings, earrings and pendants too.

Silver Earrings and Gold Wrist Cuffs
Dorrie Jacobson, an 82-year-old former Playboy Bunny turned fashion blogger, favors sharp looks that can only be described as “cool”. She complements her short, choppy haircut with a pair of thin, silver hoop earrings and a gold wrist cuff, as seen on some of her Instagram feeds. Jacobson once told "The Huffington Post" that there is no reason why older women can’t look “fabulous and contemporary”. In addition to hoop earrings, other dangling earring styles, including drop earrings and pendant earrings, are often seen in the fashion spotlight.

Oversized Earrings
Slater’s platinum bob is complemented by her favorite accessory - oversized earrings. The 63-year-old is often seen wearing red dangle earrings or shoulder-grazing hoops in a variety of colors. In one of Slater's many popular blog articles, she mentions, "I use my hair, my signature huge earrings, sunglasses, dark lips and grey hair to add an element of boldness". Although oversized earrings may be considered a bold fashion accessory, they don't always have to be over-the-top. Earrings set with large gemstones, such as black agate or onyx, can be very sleek and stylish, while remaining simple in appearance. Through clever design, oversized gemstone earrings can give a minimalist vibe while boasting a bold statement through clever design.

Most senior fashion icons love wearing bracelets, as seen on 74-year-old fashion blogger, Judith Boyd, also known as "Style Crone". The Colorado-based blogger has a penchant for hats and often completes her look with a few bangles on one arm. Bangles are a rigid type of bracelet composed of a single material, not only in gold or silver, but also various types of gemstone materials too. Gemstone bangles are frequently made out of chalcedony or agate (quartz), but the most precious bangles are those carved from jade (nephrite or jadeite).

These senior fashion influencers believe that it is important to feel good and to wear what you like in order to look good. Though their styles are different from one another, the one thing that they have in common is their unapologetic fondness for jewelry, which they all use to great effect. Take a cue from these fashion icons and pile on the accessories the next time you dress to impress.

Replacing Missing and Lost Gemstones

Has a stone fallen out of your favorite ring or gone AWOL from your best earrings? Do not fear; replacement gemstones can be found to restore your jewelry back to its former glory. The first step to successful replacement is knowing exactly what you need, before seeking the right loose replacement stones.
Prior to searching for the right color, it is important to measure the jewelry to ascertain the size of stone that is needed. It is always best to measure in millimeters, taking the length, width and also depth, rather than buying by carat weight. Your local jeweler will be able to advise you on restoring and repairing jewelry and help you with the exact measurements of replacement stones needed. A good jeweler will be able to adjust the setting to fit a stone that is slightly off, but jewelers are not magicians!
Often times, a side stone or accent stone will fall out of jewelry leaving a gaping hole in your gorgeous bracelet. Loose accent stones are often sold as pairs or lots in ready-matched sets. This can be beneficial because you get to save the extras in case of future loss, and also the stones are already color, shape and size-matched for you, saving you some work. If missing accents are hard-to-find stones, an entire pair or set can be replaced when an exact match can’t be found.
If you are missing a center stone, be prepared to spend a little more on a replacement and search a little wider, depending on the gem type. Some stones, such as Burma ruby and Ceylon sapphire have become increasingly rare over the years and may come at much higher prices than when you first purchased the piece. However, there are always alternatives and options.
Finally, it is important to find a good color match for a replacement stone. Many are not aware that there is great variation with each gem type. For example, a ruby may be pinkish-red or deep-red with differing levels of color saturation. Matching color can be especially challenging for more than one stone, so if in doubt, feel free to ask, and we will be glad to help you treasure your precious jewels for many more years to come.

Jasper - The Stone with Personality

Jasper is a word that comes from the Greek for "mottled", "spotted" or "variegated" and true to its name, jasper gemstones have an almost infinite variety of patterns. Jasper is mostly chalcedony quartz, but up to 20% of jasper can be made up of foreign materials, or "impurities" which are responsible for its diverse appearance. Thus, jasper gemstones can be pretty much any color or pattern, masculine, feminine and everything in between.

 Jasper Gemstones from GemSelect
In an effort to “brand” jasper, certain patterns or colors have been given trade names, such as “Banded jasper” for jasper with wide bands; "scenic jasper" for stones that look like landscapes; "Orbicular jasper” for jasper with orbital concentric rings; and “Zebra jasper” for gems with black and white stripes. One trade name, however, is a misnomer. Vivid yellow and black "Bumble Bee jasper" from Indonesia is not actually jasper; but is formed from volcanic lava and sediment.

Jasper Gemstones from GemSelect
Jasper gemstones are not conventionally beautiful like some stones, such as blue Ceylon sapphire or fine pigeon’s blood rubies, yet they are appealing. Perhaps this is because jasper is a gem with personality and this is what makes it attractive. Like a lover’s gaze from across a crowded room, the “je ne sais quoi” of a certain jasper cabochon draws us in and a certain color, pattern or pleasing quality makes each stone suitable for its human “soul mate”. While the style of some gems is quite set in stone, jasper can be whatever you want it to be, wild or sedate, but always uniquely yours.

Aventurine – The Lucky Charm Gem

Everybody has heard of quartz gemstones, such as amethyst, rose quartz and citrine. However, not so many will have heard of aventurine; a light- to dark-green quartz gemstone with glittery inclusions that cause an attractive iridescence called “aventurescence”. The shimmery green color of aventurine comes from the presence of fuchsite flakes, which define aventurine as a rock rather than a mineral. Yet, aventurine is still called “quartz” because the fuchsite content is considered to be an inclusion within the mineral, silicon dioxide. Without the fuchsite, aventurine would be just colorless quartz.
 Aventurine Gemstones
Aventurine Cabochons
Fuchsite is a green variety of muscovite mica that contains chromium, making it green.  Rarely, aventurine will contain hematite or goethite, making it reddish-brown, golden brown or bluish-brown.  A man-made Italian glass called “goldstone” can be mistaken for natural aventurine, so buyers should beware. Goldstone will have a lesser hardness than true aventurine, which has a Mohs hardness of 7, so a scratch test should be able to determine the difference.
 Ruby in Fuchsite Gems
Ruby in Fuchsite Gemstones
Aventurine gemstones are most often found as carved figurines, cabochons or beads, and are popularly worn as “lucky stones”, especially green aventurine. Some say that an aventurine gemstone will even attract prosperity and improve the chances of winning the lottery! Perhaps the silvery flecks led to such lore. Other attributes attached to aventurine are the promotion of well-being, peace and positivity, as well as the alleviation of anxiety. Aventurine’s name is not associated with adventure, but was taken from the Italian words, “a” and “ventura”, meaning “by chance”. This does not refer to the possibility of lucky windfalls, but to the chance discovery of aventurine.
Carved Aventurine Elephant
Carved Aventurine Elephant
Whatever your reason for seeking out aventurine gemstones, you will not be disappointed by its serene color, glittery shimmer and affordable price, and if you happen to receive a cash prize, please be sure to let us know!

Fancy That

Fancy That!

The word, "fancy" has several dictionary definitions  and in the world of gemstones, fancy refers to something that is unusual or special, particularly, colors, cuts and shapes that are a little out of the ordinary. 

When it comes to colors, "fancy" is a color that is rare or unexpected. For example, fancy colored sapphires will not be cornflower blue and a fancy colored diamond is a diamond that is not on the traditional diamond color scale, such as a pink diamond or a vivid yellow diamond. The wide variety of gemstone types and colors allows for many fancy colored stones, including bi-colored tourmaline, color change gems and multicolored jasper gemstones.

Fancy Colored Sapphires from GemSelect
Fancy Colored Sapphires
Likewise, with regard to gemstone shapes, a fancy cut departs from the traditional. Standard shapes for cabochon-cut gems are round and ovals, where standard faceted shapes are rounds, rectangles and squares. Anything other than this may be described as "fancy", including pears, hearts and more inventive shapes, such as carvings, concave-cut gemstones and freeform shapes. 

Fancy Shaped Gemstones
Avant-garde styles push the possibilities for unique fancy gemstone jewelry even further. Thus, every gemstone and jewelry lover can easily afford to buy and wear fancy stones, whether they are non-standard colors, or cuts and shapes that depart from the traditional. It is merely a matter of personal choice rather than budget.