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Pins and Brooches: Gem Accessories For Men - GemSelect

Bright As A New Pin: Gem Accessories For Men

Traditionally, suit embellishments, like cufflinks, tie, and lapel pins, are accessories that are most widely worn by men. Understated, versatile, and stylish, they are popular as presents for birthdays and Father's Day, as well as serving practical purposes. Traditional designers have always offered such items, however, the latest Dior Homme collection also includes a selection of badges and black and silver brooches that are decorated with beads and dice.

Costume Jewelry

Brooches and other suit decorations for men are not a new concept. The earliest examples of men's jewelry date back to the Bronze Age, where they used practical clasps to join pieces of material together. Lapel decoration has evolved over the years, from nosegays and buttonholes as decorations to a crisply folded handkerchief to stuff in a jacket's top pocket. These were later followed by lapel pins, often worn by men to display an affiliation with a group, political party, or sporting team. These days they are handed out by charities to show solidarity.A pin on a lapel blazer is a subtle way to express yourself and they can be found in an endless amount of styles and designs to express individuality.

Highly Decorated

Recently, however, there has been a trend towards suit-jewelry, that's a little more showy and ostentatious. Brooches for men have made a bit of a comeback with celebrities, like the singer, Pharell Williams, adorning his tuxedo on the red carpet with a diamond and pearl brooch designed by Chanel, and David Beckham wearing a more understated, masculine gem-set ship’s wheel. Very recently, Forbes reported Elton John wearing a vintage gold brooch at this year’s Oscars that was set with sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and diamonds

Fit For Purpose

Many men find the feeling of jewelry on their skin to be irritating. The jangly noise of a bangle might get on their nerves, or a necklace might feel heavy or too tight. However, a brooch doesn’t have to fit any specific body part, like a bracelet or ring. If you have small hands, elaborate rings can help make your fingers look more slender. Similarly, a bulky watch may look clunky on a narrow wrist, whereas smaller timepiece would be more elegant.

Like watches, where women are starting to favor large faces and wide straps and men are looking for more discreet styles, brooches now crossing gender divides and their stylish versatility makes them fit for any occasion or season. Traditionally set with stones, they’re also a great way for men to wear colorful gems, offering an elegant opportunity for self-expression.

Gemstone Necklaces: How To Choose A Necklace Length That's Ideal For You

How To Show Off Your Necklace At Its Best

With so many necklace lengths, styles, and colored gemstone options, choosing the most flattering necklace length for you can be a difficult task. What type of necklace style will best suit you? Which gemstone type should you choose? One necklace will never look the same on every single person who wears it and there are many different reasons why jewelry looks slightly different on each individual.

How to Choose the Right Necklace Length

One of the first things to take into consideration is, obviously, your neck. Some necks are long, some short, some may be wrinkled or wider than others. As your necklace will be around your neck, this is important. So, let's discuss how to choose the right length necklace for your look.

A choker will usually work well on a long, slim neck, whilst it can make a shorter neck look wider and more concise. Chokers adorned with gemstones are tipped to be the next big thing in 2018 and can really give a plain dress the 'wow' factor. Wrinkled necks should avoid chokers too as they will draw the eye to the neck - go for a longer necklace with an eye-catching stone to draw the eye there instead.

Longer length necklaces work exceptionally well with the addition of a gemstone pendant, which draws the eye and makes a statement. In general, necklaces tend to emphasize the area where they fall on the body, so make sure your necklace falls somewhere you don't mind being noticed!

When choosing a necklace length, a good tip is to measure one of your existing necklaces which you feel is the right length for you. Usually, a necklace of around 22 inches will sit at the bust line. Consider that your height will affect this and shorter women may be overwhelmed by chunky necklaces and bold designs.

Your Face Shape and Necklace Lengths

Another consideration is the shape of your face. Generally, longer necklace lengths will elongate and are great for a rounder face, while long faces will be balanced out by a shorter length.

Necklace Styles

Secondly, let's look at the style of necklace. Your necklace should compliment and flatter you, illuminating your good points and drawing attention away from those areas you are less comfortable with. Choosing a delicate style with a smaller gemstone or pendant usually works well for petite ladies and emphasizes their small frame.

A necklace with multiple strands or a feature piece usually flatters larger women by drawing the attention to the necklace itself. A really eye catching gemstone can make all the difference.
If in doubt, it's usually a good idea to go with the classic princess length which is designed to sit on the collarbone and will match almost any outfit and body type.

Most importantly, choose a necklace which you will be comfortable wearing - this will ensure that the one you choose looks natural and compliments your personality. Take into account the design and the material used to make the necklace and choose one that has personal meaning - this will make your necklace feel special and exclusive to you.

Be A Sparkly Senior With Style And Accessorize With Gems - GemSelect

How To Accessorize with Gems so You’re a Sparkly Senior with Style - GemSelect

Just because you’re getting older, it doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing trendy jewelry. And you certainly shouldn’t wear jewelry to try to look younger. Rather, jewelry should complement your style as a 60-plus woman. You should wear it with pride and feel good about what it tells the world about you. When choosing gems with which to accessorize your outfit as a 60-plus woman, it’s good to stay updated on the latest jewelry trends that highlight the most popular gems, but also make them your own – remember, not every gemstone trend is going to work with your uniqueness. Here are some trends and tips to keep you looking sophisticated. 

Go Supersized
Large groups of gems are trendy, so don’t be afraid of gemstones clustered together on a ring or statement necklace. This is a great way to be bold and stones of different colors are sure to add some brightness to your outfit. The key is to stick to one jewelry item, such as a necklace or bracelet, if you like large gemstone styles, so that you don’t create a cluttered effect. A benefit of wearing oversized jewelry when you’re over 60 is that it can draw attention away from areas of your body you don’t like. For instance, if you don’t like your midsection, a large statement necklace will pull attention upwards. 

Create Some Contrast
If you choose a gemstone and dress of the same color, you risk a boring look. It’s more stylish to create a bit of contrast. For instance, if you’re wearing a purple dress, choose a yellow pendant gemstone necklace. This makes you look more striking.

It can help to use the color wheel when trying to find out which colors to match. Complementary colors are those that are opposite each other on the wheel. For instance, blue goes with orange and yellow is a good match for blue-violet. 

Blend Different Eras 
You can also contrast modern with vintage looks. For instance, if you love wearing vintage clothing, such as a gray vintage checked coat, a modern onyx diamond ring can update the look. This modern gem refreshes your appearance without making any major changes to what you wear, so you can still feel comfortable. A great way to learn how to mix different stones and styles is to take a jewelry making course. That could be really fun to do with friends! If that’s not really your thing, dare to experiment with different looks and ask for help from your friends when picking out clothing and jewelry before a party.

Choose Jewel Tones 
Dressing when you’re over 60 should be about emphasizing your femininity, such as with the use of soft cashmere, silk, faux fur and satin. Just because you’re not 30 anymore, it doesn’t mean you can’t be sensual! A bit of luxury with rich colors such as hunter green and burgundy work beautifully to make your overall appearance more sophisticated and sensual. Jewelry is an important accessory here. You can make the most of the rich-colored gemstones that are trendy now, so don’t be afraid to choose dark colors, such as black, gray and brown. Jewel tones, both in fashion and gemstones, are great when you’re over 60 because they illuminate skin tone, making you glow – and they work with every skin tone!

Gemstones are your best friend. They can take a plain outfit and make it fabulous. The key is to know how to make jewels work so that they flatter your style and make you glow. By following the above gemstone and fashion tips, you’ll be classy, sophisticated and flaunt your unique style.

Huge Grandidierite Gemstones at GemSelect - Top 10 Rarest Gemstones!


Grandidierite is a very rare collector's gemstone often referred to as one of the top 10 rarest gemstones in the world! It was named in honor of the French naturalist and an explorer of Madagascar, Alfred Grandidier. Grandidierite was first discovered in Madagascar in 1902 and then later in small quantities in other parts  of the world. Grandidierite gemstones are highly sought after after by collectors. It is rarely found in gem-quality, and faceted gemstones command extremely high prices. In fact, even abochons can fetch hundreds of dollars per carat, and for those with excellent color and clarity, it is not unheard of for cabochons to command thousands per carat.

Grandidierite gems are typically greenish-blue, blue-green or blue, with the most highly saturated neon color being the most valuable. Being a trichroic gem, grandidierite can display yellow, colorless, greenish-blue and blue under polarized light, depending on the viewing angle. The blue color is due to traces of iron, so specimens with more iron content have a higher saturation of blue.

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Gemstone Iridescence and Shininess - Where Does it Come From?

Where Does The Magic of Iridescence Come From?

Some gemstones are known to exhibit an interesting optical phenomena known as "iridescence"; a wonderful effect that can result in a rainbow of colors caused by light diffraction and light interference. 

To learn more about iridescence, watch the wonder video below: 

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