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GemSelect: Apatite Gemstone Review and Video

A Little Background on Apatite Gems

Apatite is a gemstone that is rarely available in your local retail jewelry store, especially since it is virtually unknown to most consumers. Regardless, it is still respected and beloved by many avid gem collectors for its many unique and assorted colors and gem forms.

Since the most recent discovery and availability of a very interesting neon blue-green apatite variety, originating from Madagascar, we have been seen apatite being used in jewelry much more often.

In comparision, the best apatite specimens possess a color that can arguably rival the color of well-famed Paraiba tourmaline. Compared to tourmaline, apatite is not quite as hard, rated only a 5 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Because of this, apatite must be cut and set gently. Apatite gems should not be worn during any hard physical sports or housework in order to avoid damaging the gems. Accessories such as earrings, pendants or pins and tie tacks are generally quite safe for apatite setting, but usage in a ring should be limited to only occasional wear ring designs with protective settings, such as a bezel setting.

Caring for apatite gems is quite similar to the needs of fragile opal gemstones. Apatite is considered very sensitive to heat and shock. therefore any steamers or ultrasonic devices should be avoided at all costs.

Apatite gems are available in an assortment of yellows, as well as various shades of fantastic blues and greens. Most interestingly, some of the blue shades of apatite are known to display chatoyancy and can then be cut as cat's eyes cabochons.

The main sources for apatite are located in Brazil, India, Mozambique, Canada, and Madagascar.

Watch our Apatite Gemstone Video below.

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