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Ceylon Blue Sapphire from Sri Lanka | GemSelect

Sapphire from Sri Lanka is of the most coveted sapphire. Among Kashmir and Burma sapphire, it has a very unique blue color that makes it quite different than typically blues found in Australia or even Thailand. It's described as being lighter and brighter, often silky compared to deep inky and dark.

The best sapphires from Sri Lanka can have a cornflower blue that can easily compare to Kashmir and Burmese sapphire.

Although blue is the most famous color for Ceylon Sapphire, other fancy colored sapphires are also found in Sri Lanka such as bright vivid pink, yellow, orange, violet, green and even the rare pink-orange sapphire often referred to as Padparadscha.

After watching the wonderful video below, you can see the color difference of Ceylon Sapphire. This is why it is so special!

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