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So What Exactly Is Star Rose Quartz Gemstone?

Well, Rose quartz is certainly one of the most attractive varieties of quartz and perhaps even the most desirable too. But, when combined with the optical phenomenon of asterism, there is no doubt that Star Rose Quartz tops the Quartz chart.

Rose Quartz owes its distinctly unique soft pink color to the tiny reminents of both titanium and manganese. On rare occasion, a rose quartz specimen will contain small rutile needle inclusions which will give it its optical star-effect. The asterism can be seen under lighting and the level of distinction is dependent on the quality of stone.

Unlike Star Ruby or even Star Sapphire, Rose Quartz will display its asterism or star-like effect under any strong light making this a very attractive stone. Typically, star-like astermism effects can only be seen with rose quartz that has been cut, or otherwise polished speciemens of rose quartz, meaning that it is nearly impossible to distinguish asterism in unpolished rose quartz.  

What is interesting is that because the left and right eyes will view the star-like asterism effect from different angles, our brain concludes that the star is actually located just above the actual rose quartz stone. This is why you may feel a little dizzy or 'drunk' when viewing star rose quartz for too long.

You can watch our video below of a Star Rose Quartz from our collection. This is a very large specimen weighing in at 1,313.00 carats! What a Huge Gemstone!!!

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