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The legend and belief of iolite is that it has the power to strengthen one's eyesight. Inclusive of this metaphysical power, there are also many other emotional attributes the stone can provide.

Iolite is believed to enhance one's curiosity and ability to excel and achieve. It can also guide you through any spiritual growth.

One interesting belief is that it is said to be able to overcome co-dependency of a partner or significant other.

It gives your personality more friendliness and enlightens your feelings with higher and more pure of thoughts, as well as promote charity and the willingness to be helpful to others.

This amazing gemstone awakens the hunger within ourselves to become whole beings, aand greatly aids with accepting ourselves just as we are. Only when one can accept themselves, can we truly come to understand our level of awareness and self-acceptance which reflects in relationships with others.

Iolite is becoming the gemstone of the new generation and the popularity and growth of demand is becoming tremendous. The similarity and comparable beauty to sapphire is remarkable, which is why this gemstone is loved by all gem-goers.

See the video below and believe for yourself: You can read and learn more about Iolite here!

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