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GemSelect: The Tucson, Arizona Gem & Mineral Show


For many gem dealers and lovers around the world, the annual gem and mineral show held in Tucson, Arizona, takes place every February and is considered one of the most important events in the gem and jewelry industry.

Dealers both small and large attend and just about every kind of gemstone and mineral is available to be bought, sold or traded - from cut and polished to roughs and simple mineral specimens. The traders and dealers are all networked and linked in to each other through customers and other industry partners.

The annual event is officially known as the 'Tucson Gem, Mineral and Fossil Showcase', but during this time of year, the Tucson show and exhibition is not solo, but there are in fact many other venues and exhibitions in the month of February. In fact there are nearly 40 events held around the city, ranging from small kiosk exhibitions in tents, to lavish events held at premier hotels, resorts and/or exhibit halls. 

This year, the event was kicked off just after Superbowl Sunday (probably a good idea since half of America was on their sofa at this time). It will take place all week and surely after the event, we will hear and see reports or shows on YouTube from traders around the world. The statistics provided after such events are also very interesting, since it shows how the industry is growing - whether sales increased or decreased - what gems are available on the market, whats trending and it can also help indicate which way market prices will lean.

Be sure to stop by Tucson, if you're in the are, but if you're like us here at GemSelect and stuck in Chanthaburi, Thailand, let's just enjoy the show from a distance!

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