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A Little About Jade
Seen to hold the qualities of the yin and the yang, jade has long been held in a great many Chinese superstitions. Powdered Jade was even drunk by ancient alchemists who believed it to be the ‘Philosopher’s Stone’ and a key to obtaining great wisdom.

Jade has been considered a deterrent against sickness and evil, with new born babies sometimes decorated with jade emblems and bracelets. Jade was placed on the tongues of dead kings to safe guard their internal ‘chi’ (energy).

Ultimately jade is seen as good luck in Chinese culture, and the way in which jade changes color in different light is thought to represent the gem absorbing bad chi, protecting the wearer from bad luck and misfortune. 

Even today in China Jade is used to ward off bad spirits, and there is still great belief that jade has healing qualities, can help to improve blood circulation and has a general calming ability.

As popular as ever, jade can still be found in most Chinese family homes, either by way of traditional heirlooms, passed down through generations, or in cutting edge jewellery designs and modern styled ornaments and decorations. 

Now Jade is found more than in just Chinese or Asian homes. Jade has become popular worldwide as one of the most highly sought after of gemstones. 

There are different varieties of Jade, such as Nephrite and Jadeite, but there are also other types like Umphacite and Maw-Sit-Sit that are not 100% true jade, but do have jadeite in their compositions.

Here is a picture of a Nephrite Jade Carving from GemSelect:

See details of this wonderful black/green jade carving at

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