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Green Emeralds from Colombia - GemSelect

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About GemSelect Emerald
Emerald is the most precious of beryl gemstones. Other popular Beryl gems include Aquamarine and Morganite.

The fantastic green color of emerald is unparalleled and in the gem trade, emeralds are considered one of the most valuable of all gems.

Emerald color is derived from impurities, typically of chromium, vanadium or both.

The most popular and valuable emeralds are those that are slightly bluish green, and a medium dark tone. Color saturation should be strong to vivid.

With Emerald, clarity is important, but inclusions are very much tolerated, unlike most other gem types. Emeralds often contain visible inclusions and / or other imperfections. Typically, these flaws are considered to be part of the unique character of each stone and most importantly, reassure the natural authenticity of the gem itself.

The video below is of a 10.03 carat Emerald from Colombia. Emeralds of this size are quite rare and we were very lucky to acquire this stone. You can see the full details of the Colombian Emerald at

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