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The Chrome Green Garnet from GemSelect

Garnet gemstones can occur in nearly any color, ranging from brown, yellow, orange, red, purple, pink and more. Of the colors available, the green colored garnets are among the rarest.

Green garnets can be found within both the grossular and andradite species. There are 6 different garnet species in all.  The grossular species includes two different green garnet varieties: A yellow-green garnet known as grossularite and a chrome green variety known as Tsavorite.

Of the two, Tsavorite is the rarer variety. It has a rich green to emerald green color. This chrome green garnet is found only in Kenya and Tanzania. The remarkable color of tsavorite is thought to be caused from traces of chromium and vanadium.

Lately, Tsavorite garnet has become a popular alternative to emerald, and although tsavorite is actually rare than emerald, the prices for Tsavorite remain quite reasonable. Most Tsavorite specimens are less than 1 carat and larger Tsavorite is quite rare. As with all gems, the prices for the larger rare sizes can rise in price per carat. 

The video below is of a Tsavorite Garnet from Gemselect. It was mined from Tanzania and weighs 2.4 carats, which is quite large. We welcome you to watch the view and if you woudl like to see more details, please visit the product page at

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