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Goshenite Gemstones - GemSelect

Goshenite is the rare colorless variety of Beryl. Beryl is most famous for Aquamarine and Emerald gemstones, and most average consumers are unaware that Beryl can actually occur in wide range of colors.

Unlike emerald, goshenite is typically much more transparent and free of inclusions. Technically it is considered the purest form of Beryl, since gemstones get their color from other impurities (Chromium, Vanadium, Copper and etc.)

Goshenite has excellent hardness and transparency and so it makes for an excellent gem to be used in any type of jewelry. Also, because it is colorless, it makes an excellent affordable substitute for those who cannot afford diamond.  Other colorless or white gems include as white sapphire, white zircon and white topaz.

Certified Goshenite Gemstones - Gemselect from GemSelect on Vimeo.

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