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GemSelect: Multicolour Africa Gems - Metaphysical Healing Powers of Pietersite

Multicolour Gemstones Pietersite -

Fine Africa Gems available GemSelect from Namibia 

Crystal Healing and Metaphysical Powers from GemSelect

Pietersite is the trade name assigned for the brecciated aggregate variety of Tigers Eye. It was discovered by Sid Pieters in 1962 in Namibia, Africa. It is composed mainly of Hawks Eye and Tigers Eye. Pietersite is actually referred to by its trade name for commercial reasons, as adding 'ite' as a suffix gives it a bit more scientific feeling. It actually belongs to a branch of the Tigers Eye family known as riebeckite.

For many years, Namibia was the only source for Pietersite gemstones, but soon after, deposits were found and mined in China as well. It is however believed in the gem trade that the Africa gems are of higher quality and therefore fetch higher prices than those that originate from China.

Pietersite is often referred to many different names, such as the Tempest Stone or Eagles Eye. Perhaps Eagles Eye would make the most sense since it is so closely related to Tigers Eye and Hawks Eye and because it shares the same wonder optical (eye) traits and phenomenon of chatoyancy. It is typically a blue-grey base color with random swirls and mottling of a wide array of other colors.

Pietersite stones are said to exhibit an energy flow similar to the liking of quartz stones. Pietersite is also believed by many to be the "keys to the kingdom of heaven". Pietersite is able to dispel illusion and give he ability to recognize the beauty within ones' souls.

Please watch the video below and you can truly see how special this gemstone really is. It remarkable and unigue colors and patterns are ideal for jewelry usage, giving a tribal look that is trending now, especially in pendant designs. You can make such a simple pendant that demands attention, by simply drilling a hole and looping a leather strap through. Tough look, urban and retro, and also shows expression that one appreciates the world's natural beauty.

Multicolour Gems - Pietersite Cabochons - Gemselect from GemSelect on Vimeo.

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