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Tananite - A Little Blurb About the Remarkable Gemstone - GemSelect

Tanzanite - The Remarkable Violet Blue Stone - GemSelect

Tanzanite is the rare violet-blue form of the mineral zoisite. It was first discovered in 1967 and the only location it can be found is where it was originally discovered -- Tanzania. The East Africa Tanzanite supply is extremely limited and mines are becoming worked out quickly.

The limited supply, combined with the growing popularity and increasing demand is resulting in premium prices for this unique violet-blue stone.

Surprising, tanzanite in its natural state is a rather unremarkable shade of reddish brown.  Many are unaware that the violet blue is produced through a low level heat treatment (about 600 degrees Celsius) which is perfectly acceptable in the trade.

The world's largest known faceted Tanzanite gemstone weighs an incredible 737.81 carats. The one pictured in the video below is 2.43 carats, but for any normal person, this is a reasonable size to be worn as jewelry. Due to its soft nature, most tanzanite is used in earring, necklace or pendant designs. It is not suggested to wear it as an everyday ring, due to the risk of damage to the stone. If worn with care, it can be worn as a ring, but we would suggest a protective style setting and as an occasion wear ring. If worn daily, ensure you remove it before participating in any household chores or when engaging in physical activity such as sports.

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