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Labradorite Iridescence and Labradorescence

Labradorite is an iridescent gemstone with a schiller or metallic luster know as Learn more about Labradorescence. You can watch the video below and see the amazing optical phenomenon that was named after this unique, rare one-of-kind gemstone.

The base color of labradorite is usually a dark smoky gray, but once it is exposed to light, it displays striking multicolor and rainbow-like reflections. Typically, the metallic tints are violet, blue and green, but some rare specimens will also have yellow, orange or red colors too.

Labradorite is usually cut en cabochon in fancy shapes or flat plain-cut slabs as these cut styles best display the iridescence that its famed for. There are typically transparent to translucent (sometimes near opaque). Some colorless specimens may be faceted, but this stone is definitely more popularly seen in cabochon form for pendants.

This natural stone originates from Madagascar and weighs almost 70 carats. It measures 31.01mm x 8.57mm.

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