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Remember - Colored Stone Weights to Sizes are not all the Same

Gemstone Weights & Sizes -

In regards to size, comparing colored gemstone weight vs. diamond weight is like comparing apples to oranges. Being advocates of colored gems here at GemSelect, it comes to no surprise when we receive such comments like “I thought it would be bigger”. Most cases, it’s simply a matter of not being fully aware of the anatomy of a certain colored gem. Most forget the fact that colored gemstones are composed of different chemical elements which make them unique.

Size to Weight Ratio is Not the Same
In simple terms, because all gemstones have different densities, they will have different size-to-weight rations when compared to diamond.

Each chemical element has its own specific properties and density, which carries forth to the gemstone composed of the elements.The elemental densities factored along with the size of gem determine the weight of any specific gem. The correlation between the size and weight of gemstones can be determined by the cut or shape of the cut gem. Because each various colored gemstone type varies in composition, colored gemstones should always be selected and purchased by size and not by weight, despite the fact that they are always sold by weight. Diamonds on the other hand can be sold by weight because they are typically cut to standard proportions with little variance.

The density of gemstones are expressed on our Specific Gravity Chart.

Read more about Size-to-Weight Ratio for Colored Stones on our article called, "How Big is That Gem?"

We always advise to buy gemstones based on Size and not by Weight. You can never go wrong when you buy a 6mm x 6mm Calibrated Gemstone, but if you buy a 1 carat Sapphire, you can never be quite sure what the size is; it can be wider, longer or deeper than you expect. A 1ct Opal will be much, much bigger than a 1ct Diamond or Spinel. Spinel is one the densest gemstones on earth (meaning they are one of the heaviest). They can appear to be very small, when they are actually very heavy in weight!

A one cubic millimeter of sapphire will be twice as heavy as one cubic millimeter of opal because the sapphire's specific gravity is twice that of opal. please see our page on Calibrated Gemstone Details Chart for more information.

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