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GemSelect Customer Service Reviews: Meet the Team of GemSelect

GemSelect Team Video -

See the people and staff that are behind-the-scenes of GemSelect. Not only are we the best online gemstone dealer, but we also have the best expert professionals that are the key to our success. Yes, great gems are important, but what good are great gems, without great people to buy them, check them, upload them, inspect them, package them and sign-off on quality?

We have an international team of dedicated gemstone professionals that strive for perfection! We literally check each and every gemstone that we offer for sale, not just once or twice, but through 6 different departments before it's shipped to you!

From our Gem Buying Team to our Gem Lab Testing Team, then from our Pre-Gem Quality Assurance Sorting Team to our Gem Detail Data Entry Team, and then lastly, from our Final Gem-Quality Control Assurance Team to our Shipping and Logistics Team. Wow! This is no joke - we take every measure and have protocols in place for everything!

Each Team and Department that your gemstone passes through, gem physically checked and inspected -- every facet and every individual gem -- to ensure that what you saw and ordered online -- is exactly what you'll receive in the mail!

Our policy is to check for quality and then double-check again (and  triple-check, quadruple-check and whatever's next)!

Unfortunately, not all of our staff could make it into the video, as we had our Managing Directors, Gemologists, Buyers and and Partners on the road, traveling the world and shopping local markets in search of new and exciting rare gems to to add to our already incredible selection. It's because of our great management team and the wonderful caring staff behind-the-scenes at that we owe our success to.

So go ahead! You should with us almost weekly, so you may as well see what we look like! GemSelect welcomes you to meet, greet and see the faces that run our company!

We're not just a team of droids and robots lurking in cyberspace -- We are real people doing what we love!                                                 We are real people waiting to help you!

We hope you enjoyed the video! If you have any questions or need any help, please shoot us an email or give us a call! We're happy to help anyway we can!

All the best,
Derek Lee

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