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GemSelect Reviews Zircon Gemstones - About Zircon Gemstones

Zircon gemstones are often confused with the diamond stimulant known as Cubic Zirconia.. Zircon gems are natural gems mined from the earth, whereas cubic zirconia gems are man-made synthetically produced gems. Zircon gems closely resemble diamond in aspects such as luster and fire, and they can make excellent affordable alternatives to diamonds as well. Many times, colorless Zircon is often mistaken for Diamond, even by the most experienced of jewelers.

Zircon is available in various colors. Each color variation of zircon is said to have its own unique mystical powers. Violet zircon is said to attract money, brown can supposedly cure headaches and colorless zircon can help induce sleep and attract love. These are just a few of the benefits and beliefs following the aura of zircon gems.

When shopping for Zircon, it important to remember that Zircon gems are one of the densest and heaviest of all gems, which means it will look much smaller than other gems of the same weight.

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