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Tourmaline Gemstones: A Brief Introduction by GemSelect Tourmaline Gemstones

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Available in almost every color and shape, tourmaline gemstones are often mistaken for other various precious colored gems. They are one of the most versatile and favorite gems among jewelers, because they possess such a great level of hardness and durability. Tourmaline’s natural qualities allow this gemstone to be commonly traded without any needed treatments or enhancements, like we often see with other similar varieties of precious stones.

Tourmaline gemstones are found all over the world including America, Africa and Tanzania. It’s also very common to find tourmaline cut as long bars, octagons and baguettes because of the special multicolor variations that tourmaline crystals can encompass. The longer cuts allow the unique color traits of tourmaline to be preserved long after the production process. Watermelon Tourmaline is the most highly-prized variety of tourmaline, which can easily be distinguished by vivid pink-red bands and green streaks.

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