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Some Colored Stone Ideas – Red, Green, Black and White Gems

If you want the perfect look, consider colored gemstones as the perfect complement to your outfit.   A drab dress can be dramatically transformed into a statement with a unique piece of jewellery and what could be more unique than a custom-made accessory.

When it comes to jewellery, less is more. One or two well-chosen pieces of jewellery will not only cheer you up, but it will also be a timeless addition to your jewellery box.

You can customize your jewellery by choosing the shape, size, cut and colour of the gems and whether to set them in silver, gold or platinum.  Additionally, you can choose a classic, vintage or modern style, chunky or delicate, to suit your body type.  For example, a shorter neck suits a more delicate necklace, whereas an elegant long neck can wear more bold designs.  You can even collaborate on the design and try your hand at being creative.  Choosing the gems and imagining the end product is all part of the fun.

GemSelect has a wide range of colored stones available, such as citrine, opal, star sapphire, star rose quartz and tiger’s eye and more.  We have over 120 gemstone varieties in many colours, sizes and price-points, meaning that there is something to suit every taste and budget, from precious to semi-precious stones.

Deep greens and reds are classic colours this year.  Green is a symbol of nature and fertility.  When we contemplate greenery, we think  trees and earth, so green is a good choice of colour this time of year. You can choose from green gems such as emerald, tsavorite, green sapphire, turquoise, peridot and malachite.

Red is a colour of warmth and love, it also represents the blood of Christ.  A classic colour that never goes out of fashion is deep-red.  So a dress of this colour would be well complimented by red gems that include spinel, ruby, almandine and garnet.  What adds to the beauty of these gems is that they range from delicate pinks to vibrant crimson and deep dark clarets.

Black and white gems also add a nice simple sparkle to a colourful outfit, so you can let the colour speak for itself, rather than overdoing it with a rainbow of brightness.  They also tone down bright colours to add balance to a look.  Black gems include black opal, agate, spinel, tourmaline and the interestingly white-flecked snowflake obsidian.  Cololess or white gems include sparkling topaz, sapphires, moonstone and beryl.

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