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Checkerboard Cut vs Rose Cut Gemstones

Checkerboard Cut vs Rose Cut Colored Stones

What's the difference between a checkerboard cut and a rose cut gemstone?

Rose cut gemstones typically are cut with flat bottoms and a faceted crown -- imagine a faceted crown without a pavilion and this is essentially a rose-cut. Traditionally, rose cuts were faceted with triangular shaped facets, but nowadays, many rose-cuts will be faceted with square or angled 'diamond' shapes. Traditionally, rose cut stones were also round shaped, but now, you can find many fancy cut gemstone shapes including baguette rose-cuts, emerald rose-cuts and oval rose-cuts. With black or opaque gemstones, the rose-cut is very popular.

Rose Cut - above

A checkerboard cut gemstone features a standard faceted pavilion and a faceted crown and table. Usually, the facets are square like a 'checkerboard', but you can find them with many different faceting shapes. Many people feel that checkerboard cuts are only used to hide inclusions or to hide windowing, but in fact, that is not always the case. In many cases, the checkerboard cut is simply done to make something interesting and unique. Very rarely are gems cut to emphasis the crown. With lighter colored, transparent to translucent gemstones, checkerboard-cuts are more often seen rather than rose cuts.

Checkerboard Cut - above

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