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Cushion Cut and Old Mine Cut Gemstones

Cushion Cut and Old Mine Cut Gemstones

As of the last few years, cushion cut gemstones have grown significantly in popularity. In fact, the demand for cushion cut gemstones has grown exponentially beyond the ability to supply them!

A cushion cut shape can be described as something between a rectangular and oval shape. Some are squarish in proportion - rather than featuring truncated corners like Emerald Cuts, corners are rounded and smooth. Many jewelers and designers perceive the cushion cut as a distinctively modernized cutting style, but on the contrary, it is actually quite the opposite. The history of the cushion cut renders it as a classic, perhaps even antique cut-style. Only recently has it undergone a revival as more and more jewelry-lovers are getting bored of plain oval and round gemstones -- now they're beginning to seek gemstones with more interesting and eye-catching shapes in order to create new and interesting original jewelry designs.

Cushion cut gemstones were incredibly popular, especially from 19th century through the early 20th century era. The 'cushion cut' we know today is based off an older cutting-style, known as the 'Old Mine Cut'. The 'Old Mine Cut' was cut square with rounded corners - usually very deep and with a high crown, large facets and a proportionately small table.

Today's modern cushion cut usually is sort of a mix between an Old Mine Cut and a Modern Oval Cut. A cushion cut usually has an open culet rather than a keel line like seen with most fancy trillion stones. Cushion cut gemstones are not cut for fire and brilliance like some of the more modern 'diamond' cuts. Instead, Cushion Cut gems are cut to maximize luster and  bring out the color in gems -- and with colored stones, color and luster are the most important factor for consideration such as vivid blue gemstones, or even rare green collectors gems like ruby-in-fuchsitegreen cat's eye actinolite and the strongly pleochroic gemstonesgreen enstatite and green kornerupine. Cushion-cut gems offer a classic land romantic look.

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