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A Review of Tashmarine Diopside by GemSelect

About Tashmarine Diopside

Tashmarine Diopside is an extremely rare gem-quality variety of brilliant yellow-green diopside that was recently discovered in the regions of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and some small remote areas of western China. The diopside gemstone family is mostly known for its chromium-rich variety and its chatoyant variety from India. The rare material known as 'Tashmarine diopside' is a 'non-chromium' variety colored mostly by iron that results in much lighter and brighter colors than that of chrome diopside.

Since Tashmarine Diopside is relatively new to the market and considered quite rare, it's very hard to acquire. In fact, we've only had 3 pieces over the past few years which all sold within a few days after putting them on offer! Here is a video of one of the gemstones specimens we were lucky enough to get our hands on -- but is now in the hands of a private buyer!

More Tashmarine Diopside - Fancy Concave Cut 

When buying Tashmarine Diopside, make sure small stones are deeper in color and bigger stones are lighter in color. Tashmarine is very rare in large sizes, so expect to pay premium prices for weights over 5 carats, especially for eye-clean stones. Like chrome diopside, larger stones tend to get darker in color, so buying smaller stones usually will get better color results.

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