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World Famous Gemstones: The Great American Topaz

One of the most famous gemstones in the world hails from America! It currently resides in the National History Museum of Washington D.C's Smithsonian Institution and is indeed one of the most breathtaking gemstones in the world.

So, what is this spectacular gemstone you ask?

Well, it is known as - 'The American Golden Topaz'! The monstrous yellow topaz weighs 23,000 carats and it is the largest-known cut golden topaz in the world! In fact, the American topaz gemstone is so large, it took a master gem-cutter, by the name of Leon Agree around two years just to cut and polish the famous renowned gem into its current 172 faceted cushion shape from a rough which weighed approximately11.8 kg! After it was finally completed, the gemstone in its final shape ended being larger than the average size of a human head!

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