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The Precious Gems and Jewelry of Sri Lanka

Formerly known as Ceylon, Sri Lanka is known in the trade as the "Jewel Box of the Indian Ocean" and rightfully so. Sri Lanka is a small pear shaped tropical island that lies just below India's most southern tip and since ancient historical times, it has been one of the most abundant sources for many of the world's precious and semi-precious stones. 

 Blue Sapphire

Perhaps one the most famous of Sri Lanka’s claim's to fame is the cornflower blue 'Ceylon Sapphire'. The sapphire from Ceylon is arguably one of the most desirous of blue sapphire origins available today. But Sri Lanka is more than just a source for just fine sapphire. Today, Sri Lanka is known to yield a variety of both popular and rare gem types, including ruby, topaz, amethyst, garnet, alexandrite, danburite, taaffeite, quartz, zircon, sphene, moonstone, fluorite and chrysoberyl cat's eye. 

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