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Rust Colored Gems

Rust color does not sound very attractive, but it is set to be popular in 2016. Rather than think of rust as being something old and worn, it should be thought of as a combination of red, orange and brown. 

Rust is a lovely warm color that compliments most complexions, and it can be very bright or toned down. It fits perfectly with yellow gold or bronze in jewelry. Many may think that this is not a common gemstone color, but there are many jewels in rust colors. These include spessartite garnet, hessonite garnet, Mali garnet, sapphire, zircon, fire opal, tourmaline, carnelian, tiger's eye, andesine labradorite and sphalerite.
Bright Carnelian Mixed Metal Cabochon Ring

The beauty of rust colored gems is that there is a wide variety of hues and tones, so that jewelry lovers can choose the perfect color for them and decide how bold they wish to be. For example, gems such as fire opal and carnelian can be very bright, and hessonite garnet, Mali garnet, tourmaline and zircon are more subtle.
Hessonite Garnet and White Sapphire Gold Ring

If rust does not ring your bell, then maybe pink is your thing. You can read our previous post (below) about pink jewelry for more details.

Pink for Jewelry Lovers

Pink for Jewelry Lovers

There has never been a better time for pink jewelry and gems with the wide choice of stones available. Pink gems exist in various forms; as cabochons and faceted gems from palest pink to deep pinkish-red. There are also many sizes, from tiny pink sapphire accent stones to large pink rose quartz or tourmaline statement stones. Pink gems look great in various jewelry styles, such as halo-set engagement rings, cabochon rings, drilled necklace pendants, simple stud earrings or dangle earrings.
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If you like a cool pink color, there are many violet-pink gems, such as kunzite, sapphire and spinel. Kunzite tends to be pale where the others vary from pastel to deep violet. These gems look great in white precious metal such as platinum, white gold or silver.

If peachy or warm colors are more your thing, we would recommend morganite, malaya garnet or zircon. These are all untreated gems which have peach to rose tones in light to dark hues. The interesting and unique rose to Marsala colors of malaya garnet and zircon make them a little less girly too. Warm pink gems go wonderfully well with rose gold. 

For extroverts who like bright colors, mystic topaz is a great option. These gems are available in very vivid pinks. Other beautiful deep pinks include rhodolite garnet and tourmaline, which are stunning and also completely untreated. Bright pink looks equally dramatic in white or yellow precious metal.

Gems with an alternative luster include pink pearl and pink opal. Pearl can have a beautiful silver sheen or a peachy hue and pink opal is a beautiful pastel pink, slightly like conch pearl in color. If these are not exciting enough, then rhodochrosite is unlike any other gem on Earth, with pink, wavy patterns.

If you think that pink is not for you, then perhaps you have not found your pink yet. Just as there is a pair of jeans to fit everyone, there is a pink gem for everyone too. 

Two Stone Engagement Rings for Two People Together

When it comes to engagement rings, the most traditional choice is a solitaire or a three-stone ring. However, one of the latest trends is for two-stone rings. These are usually a pair of gems that are matched for color, shape and size, or two contrasting colors with the same shapes and sizes. As with many jewelry trends, two-stone rings are not a new idea, but one that has been around for many years and is becoming popular once more.

Two famous two-stone rings include the engagement ring that Napoleon Bonaparte gave to his Josephine in 1796 and the Jackie Kennedy engagement ring. The Bonaparte ring is a gold ring with a pear-shaped blue sapphire alongside a pear-shaped white diamond. The two gems face in opposite directions and weigh 1 carat each. The Kennedy ring is a white 2.88-carat diamond and 2.84-carat emerald baguette engagement ring.

An advantage of choosing a two-stone ring is that the gems tend to be more affordable, especially with regard to precious gems, which tend to be sold by the carat. Smaller gems are both easier to source and less strain on the budget than large stones.

A disadvantage of two-stone rings is that it will be more difficult to find two gems that are perfectly matched for color, size and shape than one unique gemstone. This is because gemstones are unique products of nature that cannot be duplicated. When shopping for matched gemstones, some gem dealers will sell ready-matched pairs. This makes it easier to achieve a good likeness. Unlike earrings, in multi-stone rings, it is important to achieve as close a match as possible, since the gemstones will be set next to each other and any difference will be noticeable.

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Two stones in a ring can be set horizontally, vertically or obliquely to each other. A modern setting may show a little asymmetry in the placing, shapes, sizes or colors used. Rings with gaps are another modern style, with a space between the two gemstones.

 Whatever design is chosen for a two-stone ring, the two stones represent two people in love and a long and happy future together as a couple. For this reason, two-stone rings have been known as "toi et moi" rings, French for "you and me".

Rainbow Scapolite Gems

Rainbow Scapolite Gems

One of the newest and most exciting gems that we have acquired is rainbow scapolite. This is a trade name for a rare variety of scapolite that contains attractive iridescent inclusions. Rainbow scapolite has a transparent to greenish or gray body color, which allows the colorful inclusions to be easily seen. The inclusions may be sparse or dense and appear brownish under dispersed light, such as daylight. The magic of rainbow scapolite can be seen when the gemstone is viewed under focused light, such as a penlight or flashlight. Once the light is shone upon these gems, the beautiful colors inside can be seen; these may vary from two or three colors to a whole spectrum.

Rainbow Scapolite Gems
Like other phenomenal gems, such as star and cat's eye gemstones, rainbow scapolite shows its best feature when it is cut en cabochon, though faceted rainbow scapolite gems are also available. Rainbow scapolite is an affordable gem that is perfect for a unique piece of cabochon jewelry, such as a necklace pendant, a cuff bracelet, a ring or a pair of dangle earrings.

Rainbow Scapolite Gems
It is said by crystal healing practitioners that scapolite promotes achievement and problem solving in its wearer. Whether this is true for you or not, rainbow scapolite is likely to arouse wonder in both the wearer and admirer, for it is a truly unique and intriguing gemstone.

Easy to Make Gemstone Jewelry

Easy to Make Gemstone Jewelry

For those who are not expert jewelers or particularly craft conscious, the idea of making jewelry can be a little daunting. Therefore, we would like to offer a couple of easy jewelry making options that do not require the skills of the trade.
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Possibly the easiest way to create your own gemstone jewelry is by using a drilled gemstone to make a pendant. There is a great deal of choice when it comes to ready-drilled gemstones for this purpose. For example, there are phenomenal gems, such as stars and iridescent stones; pearls, gemstone carvings and briolettes. When looking for a drilled gemstone, it is important to take note of the gemstone size and the size of the drilled hole. The hole must be large enough for the gemstone to be easily threaded onto the chain or string to be used. If you have a favorite chain that you would like to embellish with a gemstone pendant, it is first necessary to measure the width of the chain in millimeters, paying attention to the clasp which is usually larger than the chain itself. Then, use this as a guide when shopping for a gemstone; the width of the drilled hole must be slightly larger.
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Another simple way to use drilled gems is to buy a matched pair and then thread the gemstones onto a pair of hoop earrings. When buying gems for this purpose, as above, the size of the drilled hole should be larger than the width of the hoops. Additionally, the drilled gems should not be too big and heavy, which could weigh the ears down or not match the earrings. Pearls and other spherical gemstones, such as turquoise beads are ideal for this purpose and add a little interest to an otherwise plain pair of earrings.

There are many more ways in which to use gemstone beads to create simple but eye-catching gemstone jewelry in the comfort of your own home. So next time you see a perfect gemstone, but are not quite sure what to do with it, try these ideas!

Stars and Stripes for American Independence Day

Stars and Stripes for American Independence Day

Our fellow gem lovers in the USA will be celebrating American Independence Day on the Fourth of July. We wish all Americans happy holidays and mark the occasion with some stars and stripes of our own. Gemstones occur in an amazing variety of colors, with an infinite variety of patterns. Additionally, some gems exhibit optical phenomena like aligned rutile fibers which cause asterism (the star effect).
Gemstone Cabochons witrh Stripes
There are several gem types which exhibit stripes. The above gems are some of these striped varieties, which include agate, fluorite, tiger's eye matrix, hawk's eye, rhodochrosite and jasper. These gem types may not always have a striped appearance. For example, jasper is often spotted, but some varieties or some gemstones that are cut in a certain way will show off beautiful and unusual striped markings. Hawk's eye and tiger's eye are sometimes striped, and they have the added interest of simple chatoyancy, which manifests itself as silky streaks of light.
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Star gemstones occur in many different colors, with 4 to 6 rayed stars. The rays of star gems can be white or golden. In fact, black star sapphire from Thailand has unique golden rays. Star gems are cut as cabochons to enable the asterism to be seen and the star may be sharp and clear or less obvious. The best way to view gemstone stars is to use a focused light, such as a flashlight, and hold it above the surface of the gemstone. When the light is moved back and forth, the star will appear to glide over the surface of the gemstone. Star gemstones are best worn in rings because the movement of the hands allows the stars to catch the light and be seen.

Father's Day Gems for June

Father's Day Gems for June

If you're thinking of treating your dear old dad to something lasting for Father's Day this year, then GemSelect may be able to suggest the perfect gift. With the wide variety of colored gemstones available, there is something to suit every man.
Smoky Quartz, Green Tourmaline and London Blue Topaz
Smoky Quartz, Green Tourmaline and London Blue Topaz
Regarding faceted gems, smoky quartz is an attractive and affordable option. We have recently acquired some nice smoky quartz gems that would look great in a ring or as a matching pair of cufflinks. These are available as faceted gems or cabochons of various shapes. As for pendants, long, green tourmaline gemstones would look great on a necklace pendant, with a silver or gold chain. These can be found in a range of sizes and prices. When it comes to rings, a square London blue topaz would be a good choice for a man. These are a deep shade of blue and are available in large sizes at reasonable prices.
Black Rutile Quartz, Tiger's Eye and Star Garnet
Black rutile quartz is an affordable cabochon gemstone that has a unique look. We have acquired some matched pairs, which would make great cufflinks, and single gems that would be perfect for a necklace pendant. Tiger's eye is a classic men's gem that is perfect for rings, necklace pendants, bracelets and cufflinks. Star gemstones are often used in men's cabochon rings. When they are tilted back and forth in the light, a star can be seen to move across the surface of the gem. There are many star gemstones in various colors, such as blue star sapphire, black star sapphire and deep reddish star garnet. Star gems look great in rings because the hands move a lot, allowing the star gems catch the light and show off their asterism.

Sizzling Spring and Summer Gems - by GemSelect

Sizzling Spring and Summer Gems

Spring is a time for fresh, bright tones, and summer calls for either cool gem colors or sizzling hot hued stones. Some perfect gems for both bright and cool tones are our new sapphire lots. These are available in bright orange and joyful yellow, or soothing green, violet and cool blue. If you find it hard to decide on a particular color, check out our multicolored sapphire gem lots or color-change sapphire.
Sizzling Summer Sapphires
Although blue sapphire is the most popular color, there are many other choices that are just as beautiful. The color of a sapphire depends on the trace impurities. For example, stones that contain iron and vanadium are usually blue, while small amounts of iron can produce yellowish and greenish colors. The lighter colored sapphire gems tend to show greater brilliance, which means that the light is reflected from the inside of the gem and makes the stones sparkle.
Cool Toned Sapphires
One popular way to use sapphires that is trending at the moment is to buy multicolored gem lots and set the small gems closely together. Some jewelers use colors that vary widely and others use a range of light and dark tones of the same color. This gives a dramatic overall effect since rather than having one or two large stones that sparkle in one area, there is a whole surface of glittering gemstones. We think that a beautiful way of using multicolored sapphire lots is to choose between either a warm or cool toned piece of jewelry with pavé-set gems. Since they are products of nature, gemstones are rarely exactly the same color. Therefore putting different toned colored gems alongside each other produces an interesting, multi-toned result.

The Latest Trend in Fashion Jewelry - Mystic Topaz by

Mystic Topaz Jewelry Trends

Fashion jewelry and costume jewelry are often associated with terms like 'fake jewelry' or 'cheap jewelry', but with Mystic Topaz, this is most certainly not the case. Over the last decade, Mystic Topaz has risen up to become one of the most popular colored gemstone trends of the decade.

The unique color-enhanced gem has become so popular that most suppliers are struggling to keep up with the increasing demand. In fact, because of the demand, prices for quality Mystic Topaz have nearly tripled since the late 1990s when it was first commercially introduced to the market.

Previous gemstone trends for fashion jewelry were often made with an attempt to create stunning jewelry that others would or could mistake for something more valuable. But with Mystic Topaz, jewelry designers aren't trying to fool anybody even if they could! Customers love the colors of Mystic topaz for its worth! One of the reasons why Mystic Topaz is not a cheap trend is because the process to create the interesting colors is quite advanced. The application of the thin layer of metallic film placed perfectly on the pavilion of a cut and polished stone is a very tedious process.

The ration of usable yield is considered quite low when it comes to Mystic Topaz. Why? Because many Mystic Topaz gems are scratched or damaged before they even reach the jewelry store! The film coating of Mystic Topaz is so thin, it can be very easily damaged or scratched. Once the film coating has been applied, gems cannot be recut or repolished for repair. After loose gems have been set into jewelry, the risk of damaging them becomes significantly lower, but until then, they should be handled and sorted with great care.

It is not unusual to discover that only a handful of Mystic Topaz gems selected from a parcel of hundreds would be suitable for jewelry. To be used in jewelry, Mystic Topaz should lack scratches, chips and peeling of its thin film layer. Only the highest quality natural topaz is selected for the making of Mystic Topaz, and when it comes to natural gemstones, the supply is always dwindling.  The fragile cleavage of topaz greatly affects the durability of Mystic Topaz gems, since even a small chip or split can rendering a beautiful gem worthless. Because of durability problems, Mystic quartz has become more popular over recent years owed to its strong reputation for durability. Azotic Topaz is another popular twist to the variation of coated gems.

So, although Mystic Topaz may be considered inexpensive when compared to the prices of many other fine gems available today, it is by no means a fake or cheap. Mystic topaz jewelry can sell for hundreds of dollars depending on material used, especially if produced by brand name designers. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to find Mystic Topaz jewelry stocked in high-end jewelry stores, often displayed in showcases alongside other luxury brands of jewelry lines. The colorful, fun and fascinating gem can be found set in any material, including precious metals. Silver and lower karat white gold alloy is most popular, but for some color varieties of Mystic Topaz, yellow gold or even black ceramic can really enhance its beautiful rainbow colors.

Some photos are courtesy of our friends here at GemsPraao.

Color Change Diaspore - Zultanite - Csarite - GemSelect

GemSelect - A Review of Color Change Diaspore

One of the newest gemstones available today is also one of the rarest and most interesting of gems as well - Color Change Diaspore.  This phenomenal gem was first cut and faceted into a gemstone in the 1980s, but only recently was it introduced to the international gem market on a commercial scale. Like most of the world's rarest and most precious gems, color change diaspore is found in only one location -- Turkey. 

Its mineralogical name is diaspore, but when found in transparent gem-quality crystals, diaspore is traded as color-change diaspore - a name descriptive for its unique ability to change color when viewed under different light sources. Most color change diaspore will change from green with flashes of yellow under natural and fluorescent light. When viewed under incandescent lighting, the same gem changes to a champagne color; and when viewed under subdued (dimmed) lighting conditions, such as candlelight, diaspore will exhibit a delicate pinkish color. 

With color change diaspore, larger stones usually have more pronounced and noticeable color change. The stung shift in color can be seen in very easily in top grade materials particularly well in cut stones over 1-2 carats. Diaspore in weights less than 1 carat still have color change, but the shift is not as noticeable -- sometimes simply because the stone is smaller for the eye to see it with.

Color-change diaspore was formerly branded as 'Zultanite', a trade name that was officially abandoned in 2012, but is still often used and heard today. The name Zultanite was assigned by the company that owned the sole rights to the diaspore mines, Zultanite Gems LLC. As of recently, the name of the gemstone was re-branded by the company, and it is now be marketed as 'Csarite'.

The amazing phenomenon of color-change is extremely rare and is known to occur in only a handful of different gem types, including rare color change sapphire and rare color change garnet. The most famous of color-change gemstones is of course, Alexandrite, the color-change variety of chromium-rich chrysoberyl. Alexandrite is considered one the world's rarest and most valuable gemstone varieties available today.

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We're happy to have recently acquired some color-change Turkish Diaspore. The gem above is 3.28 carats and is particularly interesting with its unique cushion shape and scissor-cut style. 

Color Change Diaspore over 3 carats is considered a rarity -- and they may not be around very long!

Some photos and information was courtesy of our friends at GemsPraao.

The Wonderful World of Spinel

Introduction to the Wonderful World of Spinel

Spinel gemstones are highly regarded in the gem trade by most professionals, but to the average consumer, it is still largely unknown. Since the supply of spinel is so limited, you'll rarely find spinel in local retail jewelry stores. Gem collectors value spinel for its sheer brilliance and excellent hardness, and it's favored for its wide occurance of colors. In addition to rich reds, spinel can be found in a range of lovely pastel colors, including shades of pink, purple and blue.

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 The many colors of Spinel displayed above!

Historically, the most famous red spinels originated from the Balas region of Afghanistan and were thus referred to as 'Balas rubies', but as of more more recent times, Sri Lanka and Burma have been the leading sources for fine spinel. The highest quality spinels are transparent, blood-red spinels, known as ‘ruby spinels’, as well as hot-pink spinel, which are mined from the Mogok mines of Myanmar (Burma).

Burma Spinel today is considered to be some of the finest in the world, often fetching prices higher than ruby, especially large, clean red and pink Burmese spinel.  And best of all, spinel is never treated in any way unlike red ruby and pink sapphire which are routinely heated to enhance their color and clarity.