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Mystic Topaz Jewelry Trends

Fashion jewelry and costume jewelry are often associated with terms like 'fake jewelry' or 'cheap jewelry', but with Mystic Topaz, this is most certainly not the case. Over the last decade, Mystic Topaz has risen up to become one of the most popular colored gemstone trends of the decade.

The unique color-enhanced gem has become so popular that most suppliers are struggling to keep up with the increasing demand. In fact, because of the demand, prices for quality Mystic Topaz have nearly tripled since the late 1990s when it was first commercially introduced to the market.

Previous gemstone trends for fashion jewelry were often made with an attempt to create stunning jewelry that others would or could mistake for something more valuable. But with Mystic Topaz, jewelry designers aren't trying to fool anybody even if they could! Customers love the colors of Mystic topaz for its worth! One of the reasons why Mystic Topaz is not a cheap trend is because the process to create the interesting colors is quite advanced. The application of the thin layer of metallic film placed perfectly on the pavilion of a cut and polished stone is a very tedious process.

The ration of usable yield is considered quite low when it comes to Mystic Topaz. Why? Because many Mystic Topaz gems are scratched or damaged before they even reach the jewelry store! The film coating of Mystic Topaz is so thin, it can be very easily damaged or scratched. Once the film coating has been applied, gems cannot be recut or repolished for repair. After loose gems have been set into jewelry, the risk of damaging them becomes significantly lower, but until then, they should be handled and sorted with great care.

It is not unusual to discover that only a handful of Mystic Topaz gems selected from a parcel of hundreds would be suitable for jewelry. To be used in jewelry, Mystic Topaz should lack scratches, chips and peeling of its thin film layer. Only the highest quality natural topaz is selected for the making of Mystic Topaz, and when it comes to natural gemstones, the supply is always dwindling.  The fragile cleavage of topaz greatly affects the durability of Mystic Topaz gems, since even a small chip or split can rendering a beautiful gem worthless. Because of durability problems, Mystic quartz has become more popular over recent years owed to its strong reputation for durability. Azotic Topaz is another popular twist to the variation of coated gems.

So, although Mystic Topaz may be considered inexpensive when compared to the prices of many other fine gems available today, it is by no means a fake or cheap. Mystic topaz jewelry can sell for hundreds of dollars depending on material used, especially if produced by brand name designers. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to find Mystic Topaz jewelry stocked in high-end jewelry stores, often displayed in showcases alongside other luxury brands of jewelry lines. The colorful, fun and fascinating gem can be found set in any material, including precious metals. Silver and lower karat white gold alloy is most popular, but for some color varieties of Mystic Topaz, yellow gold or even black ceramic can really enhance its beautiful rainbow colors.

Some photos are courtesy of our friends here at GemsPraao.

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