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Sizzling Spring and Summer Gems - by GemSelect

Sizzling Spring and Summer Gems

Spring is a time for fresh, bright tones, and summer calls for either cool gem colors or sizzling hot hued stones. Some perfect gems for both bright and cool tones are our new sapphire lots. These are available in bright orange and joyful yellow, or soothing green, violet and cool blue. If you find it hard to decide on a particular color, check out our multicolored sapphire gem lots or color-change sapphire.
Sizzling Summer Sapphires
Although blue sapphire is the most popular color, there are many other choices that are just as beautiful. The color of a sapphire depends on the trace impurities. For example, stones that contain iron and vanadium are usually blue, while small amounts of iron can produce yellowish and greenish colors. The lighter colored sapphire gems tend to show greater brilliance, which means that the light is reflected from the inside of the gem and makes the stones sparkle.
Cool Toned Sapphires
One popular way to use sapphires that is trending at the moment is to buy multicolored gem lots and set the small gems closely together. Some jewelers use colors that vary widely and others use a range of light and dark tones of the same color. This gives a dramatic overall effect since rather than having one or two large stones that sparkle in one area, there is a whole surface of glittering gemstones. We think that a beautiful way of using multicolored sapphire lots is to choose between either a warm or cool toned piece of jewelry with pavé-set gems. Since they are products of nature, gemstones are rarely exactly the same color. Therefore putting different toned colored gems alongside each other produces an interesting, multi-toned result.

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