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Stars and Stripes for American Independence Day

Stars and Stripes for American Independence Day

Our fellow gem lovers in the USA will be celebrating American Independence Day on the Fourth of July. We wish all Americans happy holidays and mark the occasion with some stars and stripes of our own. Gemstones occur in an amazing variety of colors, with an infinite variety of patterns. Additionally, some gems exhibit optical phenomena like aligned rutile fibers which cause asterism (the star effect).
Gemstone Cabochons witrh Stripes
There are several gem types which exhibit stripes. The above gems are some of these striped varieties, which include agate, fluorite, tiger's eye matrix, hawk's eye, rhodochrosite and jasper. These gem types may not always have a striped appearance. For example, jasper is often spotted, but some varieties or some gemstones that are cut in a certain way will show off beautiful and unusual striped markings. Hawk's eye and tiger's eye are sometimes striped, and they have the added interest of simple chatoyancy, which manifests itself as silky streaks of light.
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Star gemstones occur in many different colors, with 4 to 6 rayed stars. The rays of star gems can be white or golden. In fact, black star sapphire from Thailand has unique golden rays. Star gems are cut as cabochons to enable the asterism to be seen and the star may be sharp and clear or less obvious. The best way to view gemstone stars is to use a focused light, such as a flashlight, and hold it above the surface of the gemstone. When the light is moved back and forth, the star will appear to glide over the surface of the gemstone. Star gemstones are best worn in rings because the movement of the hands allows the stars to catch the light and be seen.

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