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Easy to Make Gemstone Jewelry

Easy to Make Gemstone Jewelry

For those who are not expert jewelers or particularly craft conscious, the idea of making jewelry can be a little daunting. Therefore, we would like to offer a couple of easy jewelry making options that do not require the skills of the trade.
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Possibly the easiest way to create your own gemstone jewelry is by using a drilled gemstone to make a pendant. There is a great deal of choice when it comes to ready-drilled gemstones for this purpose. For example, there are phenomenal gems, such as stars and iridescent stones; pearls, gemstone carvings and briolettes. When looking for a drilled gemstone, it is important to take note of the gemstone size and the size of the drilled hole. The hole must be large enough for the gemstone to be easily threaded onto the chain or string to be used. If you have a favorite chain that you would like to embellish with a gemstone pendant, it is first necessary to measure the width of the chain in millimeters, paying attention to the clasp which is usually larger than the chain itself. Then, use this as a guide when shopping for a gemstone; the width of the drilled hole must be slightly larger.
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Another simple way to use drilled gems is to buy a matched pair and then thread the gemstones onto a pair of hoop earrings. When buying gems for this purpose, as above, the size of the drilled hole should be larger than the width of the hoops. Additionally, the drilled gems should not be too big and heavy, which could weigh the ears down or not match the earrings. Pearls and other spherical gemstones, such as turquoise beads are ideal for this purpose and add a little interest to an otherwise plain pair of earrings.

There are many more ways in which to use gemstone beads to create simple but eye-catching gemstone jewelry in the comfort of your own home. So next time you see a perfect gemstone, but are not quite sure what to do with it, try these ideas!

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  1. Wonderful article with some helpful tips. I don't have any idea about making gemstone jewelry. I will definitely try to make a new one. Thanks for posting!


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