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Pink for Jewelry Lovers

Pink for Jewelry Lovers

There has never been a better time for pink jewelry and gems with the wide choice of stones available. Pink gems exist in various forms; as cabochons and faceted gems from palest pink to deep pinkish-red. There are also many sizes, from tiny pink sapphire accent stones to large pink rose quartz or tourmaline statement stones. Pink gems look great in various jewelry styles, such as halo-set engagement rings, cabochon rings, drilled necklace pendants, simple stud earrings or dangle earrings.
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If you like a cool pink color, there are many violet-pink gems, such as kunzite, sapphire and spinel. Kunzite tends to be pale where the others vary from pastel to deep violet. These gems look great in white precious metal such as platinum, white gold or silver.

If peachy or warm colors are more your thing, we would recommend morganite, malaya garnet or zircon. These are all untreated gems which have peach to rose tones in light to dark hues. The interesting and unique rose to Marsala colors of malaya garnet and zircon make them a little less girly too. Warm pink gems go wonderfully well with rose gold. 

For extroverts who like bright colors, mystic topaz is a great option. These gems are available in very vivid pinks. Other beautiful deep pinks include rhodolite garnet and tourmaline, which are stunning and also completely untreated. Bright pink looks equally dramatic in white or yellow precious metal.

Gems with an alternative luster include pink pearl and pink opal. Pearl can have a beautiful silver sheen or a peachy hue and pink opal is a beautiful pastel pink, slightly like conch pearl in color. If these are not exciting enough, then rhodochrosite is unlike any other gem on Earth, with pink, wavy patterns.

If you think that pink is not for you, then perhaps you have not found your pink yet. Just as there is a pair of jeans to fit everyone, there is a pink gem for everyone too. 

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