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Rust Colored Gems

Rust color does not sound very attractive, but it is set to be popular in 2016. Rather than think of rust as being something old and worn, it should be thought of as a combination of red, orange and brown. 

Rust is a lovely warm color that compliments most complexions, and it can be very bright or toned down. It fits perfectly with yellow gold or bronze in jewelry. Many may think that this is not a common gemstone color, but there are many jewels in rust colors. These include spessartite garnet, hessonite garnet, Mali garnet, sapphire, zircon, fire opal, tourmaline, carnelian, tiger's eye, andesine labradorite and sphalerite.
Bright Carnelian Mixed Metal Cabochon Ring

The beauty of rust colored gems is that there is a wide variety of hues and tones, so that jewelry lovers can choose the perfect color for them and decide how bold they wish to be. For example, gems such as fire opal and carnelian can be very bright, and hessonite garnet, Mali garnet, tourmaline and zircon are more subtle.
Hessonite Garnet and White Sapphire Gold Ring

If rust does not ring your bell, then maybe pink is your thing. You can read our previous post (below) about pink jewelry for more details.

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