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Marvelous Morganite

 Marvelous Morganite

Peach and pink gems are seriously in-trend at the moment, perhaps because they look so good in rose gold, which is being seen everywhere. The most popular pale pink or peach gem is morganite. Let's take a little look at this colored gemstone that has been seen in engagement rings, earrings and pendants everywhere lately.

Morganite is a pink variety of beryl; the same gem family of emerald and aquamarine. In fact, it is one of the rarest members of the beryl family. It has been called "pink emerald" in the past before it was named after the American banker and gem collector, J.P. Morgan. 

Morganite Gemstones

 As you can see from the above image, morganite gemstones may be various hues, from pink to peach. Morganite gems come in both cool violet pinks and warm peaches. This makes morganite quite versatile for jewelry use, since it looks equally good in white, yellow or pink precious metals. Another great thing about morganite it that unlike emerald, which is a heavily included stone, morganite tends to be quite clean.

Like some other pink gemstones, morganite is thought to encourage calm, harmony, healing and self-empowerment. No wonder so many brides-to-be are choosing morganite for their rings! One word of advice though, if you do choose morganite, be aware that it is sensitive to pressure and chemicals, so be sure to place your morganite ring in a safe place before cleaning.

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