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Coral Colored Gems for Jewelry

 Coral Gemstone Ring

What exactly is coral color? Is there a difference between salmon and coral? The origin of coral color is in the eponymous soft-bodied organisms, which vary, with some being light, some dark, and then cool and warm versions. More generally, coral is pinkish or pinkish-orange to red. Some coral colors are brighter versions of peach. Like peach, either pink or orange can dominate. Therefore, there exist sub-colors, such as "coral pink", "coral red", light coral" and "dark coral". Coral has been used in jewelry for centuries. Coral necklaces were worn in medieval times to ward off illness. The ancients believed that coral gemstones had protective properties. But what meaning does coral color convey? Well, this depends on how pink or red the coral is. Pink coral colors exude beauty, protection and femininity where reds symbolize energy, love and courage. Coral color that is closer to peach suggests pleasure and fulfillment.
 Coral Gemstone Pendant
Coral gems can be worn with silver or yellow gold, and go well with teal, turquoise, aqua, navy blue and pale gray accent stones. Depending on the exact coral color, the complementary color will change. For example, teal is the complementary color for coral pink where blue is better with more peach coral. As the coral nears reddish, complementary colors get nearer to green. Traditional Tibetan and Native American jewelry often placed coral and turquoise gemstones together in silver with stunning effect.

Gemstones that are available in coral colors are not limited to coral and also include other gem types, such as vivid Songea sapphire and agate, and more subtle moonstone, zircon, tourmaline and garnet.

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