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Step Up to the Step Cut; Step Down from the Brilliant Crown

The step cut is a gem cutting style that has trapezoid-shaped or rectangular facets on the crown of the gemstone, rather like stairs. Step-cut gemstones tend to have rectangular shapes with facets running parallel. Conversely, the brilliant cut has triangular or diamond-shaped facets. The brilliant cut generally has many more facets and is a style developed to bring out the sparkle of diamonds. A brilliant-cut will maximize the light that is returned to the eye and really bring the brilliance, hence the name, "brilliant cut". The brilliant cut is specifically for sparkly gems like white diamonds.

The step cut is a faceting style that was developed to really bring out the color of colored gemstones. For example, emeralds are often given a step cut, since top color emeralds do not have much to give in the way of brilliance, but have a lot of wonderful color. This is what makes emeralds particularly suited to the step-cut. In fact emeralds have their very own special cut called the "emerald cut", which is a square or rectangular shape with truncated corners and usually, stepped facets.

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If you are looking to buy a gemstone and are thinking about the best shape and cut for your jewelry or collection, it may be best to think about what you expect of the gemstone. If you want a pale, sparkly gem, then a diamond cut would show the sparkle. But to enhance the color, a step-cut gem would be the way to go.

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Therefore, we invite colored gemstone enthusiasts to step up to some of our new step-cut gems and step down from the brilliant crown. This will enable you to truly appreciate the pure, unadulterated color that is nature's gift to colored gemstones.

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