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Rare Red, White and Blue Chalcedony Nodule -

One of our valued customers wanted to share a discovery he made recently. The following is a write-up and photos we wanted to share with all of our GemSelect gemstone fans:

"This rare chalcedony nodule is a treasure unlike any other. This amazing creation reflects a very different world than the one we live in now, which can be seen through the geological conditions evident of the formation process

The stunning chalcedony stone exhibits a white fossil-like material on the outer shell, while the interior of the stone is dark-red on one end and zones into a pure dark-blue on the opposite end of the oblong-shaped stone. What happens in the center of this stone is truly fascinating; the blue and red come together, splitting a dime-sized circle exactly in half. Normally these inclusions would disburse throughout the stone, especially since it takes millions of years for each cryptocrystalline nodule to form. 

The origin of this stone is unknown, and the stone was acquired in a private auction this year. Our greatest hope is that this discovery will spur an interest among children all around the world. We hope this discovery will encourage others to just dig a hole in their backyard, or go down the river and kick around against the muddy banks and edges. A whole new world opens up when we engage in nature and discovery. I would like to share another one of a kind discovery with you, even though it is not a gemstone it is a gem of a discovery.

Note: The red, white and blue chalcedony stone has not been altered in any way, no treatments or enhancements at all.

P. T. Vlachos"

Here are some photos of the exciting discovery!

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