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Jasper - The Stone with Personality

Jasper is a word that comes from the Greek for "mottled", "spotted" or "variegated" and true to its name, jasper gemstones have an almost infinite variety of patterns. Jasper is mostly chalcedony quartz, but up to 20% of jasper can be made up of foreign materials, or "impurities" which are responsible for its diverse appearance. Thus, jasper gemstones can be pretty much any color or pattern, masculine, feminine and everything in between.

 Jasper Gemstones from GemSelect
In an effort to “brand” jasper, certain patterns or colors have been given trade names, such as “Banded jasper” for jasper with wide bands; "scenic jasper" for stones that look like landscapes; "Orbicular jasper” for jasper with orbital concentric rings; and “Zebra jasper” for gems with black and white stripes. One trade name, however, is a misnomer. Vivid yellow and black "Bumble Bee jasper" from Indonesia is not actually jasper; but is formed from volcanic lava and sediment.

Jasper Gemstones from GemSelect
Jasper gemstones are not conventionally beautiful like some stones, such as blue Ceylon sapphire or fine pigeon’s blood rubies, yet they are appealing. Perhaps this is because jasper is a gem with personality and this is what makes it attractive. Like a lover’s gaze from across a crowded room, the “je ne sais quoi” of a certain jasper cabochon draws us in and a certain color, pattern or pleasing quality makes each stone suitable for its human “soul mate”. While the style of some gems is quite set in stone, jasper can be whatever you want it to be, wild or sedate, but always uniquely yours.

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