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Replacing Missing and Lost Gemstones

Has a stone fallen out of your favorite ring or gone AWOL from your best earrings? Do not fear; replacement gemstones can be found to restore your jewelry back to its former glory. The first step to successful replacement is knowing exactly what you need, before seeking the right loose replacement stones.
Prior to searching for the right color, it is important to measure the jewelry to ascertain the size of stone that is needed. It is always best to measure in millimeters, taking the length, width and also depth, rather than buying by carat weight. Your local jeweler will be able to advise you on restoring and repairing jewelry and help you with the exact measurements of replacement stones needed. A good jeweler will be able to adjust the setting to fit a stone that is slightly off, but jewelers are not magicians!
Often times, a side stone or accent stone will fall out of jewelry leaving a gaping hole in your gorgeous bracelet. Loose accent stones are often sold as pairs or lots in ready-matched sets. This can be beneficial because you get to save the extras in case of future loss, and also the stones are already color, shape and size-matched for you, saving you some work. If missing accents are hard-to-find stones, an entire pair or set can be replaced when an exact match can’t be found.
If you are missing a center stone, be prepared to spend a little more on a replacement and search a little wider, depending on the gem type. Some stones, such as Burma ruby and Ceylon sapphire have become increasingly rare over the years and may come at much higher prices than when you first purchased the piece. However, there are always alternatives and options.
Finally, it is important to find a good color match for a replacement stone. Many are not aware that there is great variation with each gem type. For example, a ruby may be pinkish-red or deep-red with differing levels of color saturation. Matching color can be especially challenging for more than one stone, so if in doubt, feel free to ask, and we will be glad to help you treasure your precious jewels for many more years to come.

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