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GemSelect Review by Vivalatina Jewelry - TRANCHANT NICOLAS

GemSelect Customer Review and Beautiful Jewelry Designs by TRANCHANT NICOLAS

As a professional jeweler running my own online jewelry at, I am always looking for beautiful stones with strong colours for the jewels I propose to my clients.

I have been a client of GemSelect for years now and appreciate the quality of the stones they propose and the consideration they gave to me when I needed advice or asked for additional information.

I started working with GemSelect in September of 2013 (4 years now), so I have been able to make quite a lot of jewelry with GemSelect's stones as you can check below:

Men's Silver Bracelet with Natural Stabilized Turquoise - Sourced from GemSelect

Silver Pendant Presented with 8 Different Varieties of Gemstones - Sourced from GemSelect

Silver/Gold Ring with 9 mm Round Amethyst in Prong Setting - Sourced from GemSelect

Gold Engagement Ring with Topaz and Amethyst - Sourced from GemSelect

White Gold Ring set with two Round Blue Sapphires - Sourced from GemSelect

Silver Ring with a Turquoise Cabochon - Sourced from GemSelect

Heart Shape Red Garnets Mounted in Circular Pendants - Sourced from GemSelect

With four years working with Gemselect, I am 100% satisfied with their quality of stones and service provided. I can strongly recommend other jewelers to try working with them.

Moreover, I once had trouble with a stone that got lost in customs here in mexico, so they sent me another identical stone with no questions asked. You can't beat this kind of support.

The main assets of GemSelect for me are:
  • They offer a large range of different stones
  • For each type of gem, I can choose through a great amount of stones
  • The shipping is fast or cheap, so I can adapt the shipping cost depending on my needs
  • The support service is fast to answer when their help is required
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Turquoise Meanings, History and Lore - GemSelect

Turquoise: Popular Blue Green Gemstones

Turquoise is a popular colored stone often worn in gemstone cabochon rings. It has long been known by people from all over the world, from the Americas to China, from Persia to Southeast Asia. Many of the Arab countries are renowned for fine turquoise, especially the Persian region. Turquoise is also widely produced from mining areas of the Nishapur region. In Indonesia, turquoise stone is often worn by scholars. This is because the stones have origins that relate to the first state of where Islam emerged.

In addition to the Persian region, turquoise is also mined from Israel, Afghanistan, Sinai and the United States, including Nevada, California, New Mexico and Arizona. The name “Turquoise” is derived from the Hebrew word “Fairuz” and is a copper-bearing stone composed of campuran aluminum, phosphate, iron and sometimes gold. It is not the typical gemstone valued for brilliance or fire, and it lacks the shiny luster of transparent gems. However, it is the unique turquoise sky blue color that makes this stone so attractive. Turquoise exhibits a beautiful sky blue color and often forms with black spider-like webs and veins.

Turquoise can vary in color from green to blue and while some may be uni-color, others may be multicolor with unique and interesting patterns. Turquoise symbolism and lore typically involves predicting and protection against danger. Some believe turquoise can warn their owners of danger by breaking. Like malachite, turquoise can supposedly protect its wearer from falls. Changes in color of a stone presumably warn owners of an impending illness that can be prevented.

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