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Bright As A New Pin: Gem Accessories For Men

Traditionally, suit embellishments, like cufflinks, tie, and lapel pins, are accessories that are most widely worn by men. Understated, versatile, and stylish, they are popular as presents for birthdays and Father's Day, as well as serving practical purposes. Traditional designers have always offered such items, however, the latest Dior Homme collection also includes a selection of badges and black and silver brooches that are decorated with beads and dice.

Costume Jewelry

Brooches and other suit decorations for men are not a new concept. The earliest examples of men's jewelry date back to the Bronze Age, where they used practical clasps to join pieces of material together. Lapel decoration has evolved over the years, from nosegays and buttonholes as decorations to a crisply folded handkerchief to stuff in a jacket's top pocket. These were later followed by lapel pins, often worn by men to display an affiliation with a group, political party, or sporting team. These days they are handed out by charities to show solidarity.A pin on a lapel blazer is a subtle way to express yourself and they can be found in an endless amount of styles and designs to express individuality.

Highly Decorated

Recently, however, there has been a trend towards suit-jewelry, that's a little more showy and ostentatious. Brooches for men have made a bit of a comeback with celebrities, like the singer, Pharell Williams, adorning his tuxedo on the red carpet with a diamond and pearl brooch designed by Chanel, and David Beckham wearing a more understated, masculine gem-set ship’s wheel. Very recently, Forbes reported Elton John wearing a vintage gold brooch at this year’s Oscars that was set with sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and diamonds

Fit For Purpose

Many men find the feeling of jewelry on their skin to be irritating. The jangly noise of a bangle might get on their nerves, or a necklace might feel heavy or too tight. However, a brooch doesn’t have to fit any specific body part, like a bracelet or ring. If you have small hands, elaborate rings can help make your fingers look more slender. Similarly, a bulky watch may look clunky on a narrow wrist, whereas smaller timepiece would be more elegant.

Like watches, where women are starting to favor large faces and wide straps and men are looking for more discreet styles, brooches now crossing gender divides and their stylish versatility makes them fit for any occasion or season. Traditionally set with stones, they’re also a great way for men to wear colorful gems, offering an elegant opportunity for self-expression.

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